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Mortgage brokers are extremely useful in guiding Australians through the complexities of securing a home loan. They have experience with every step of the process, know the loan products with the lowest fees, and can negotiate with lenders to get you the best interest rates possible. One of the best mortgage brokers in Australia is Eden Emerald Mortgages, renowned for their client-centred approach and extensive range of services.

This review will explore everything I discovered about EE Mortgages, starting with the company's establishment, my personal experience with them, and feedback from verified customers. My goal is to provide you with a comprehensive insight into Eden Emerald Mortgages to help you determine if they are the right broker for you.

Background and History of Eden Emerald Mortgages

EE Mortgages has a long history of helping Australians secure great rates on their mortgages. Kenneth Galea started the company in 2007 after spending close to a decade working at ANZ. Since then, he has grown the company quickly, securing various industry-recognised awards, and was named the #1 mortgage broker in Sydney, by the Canberra Times.

Over the years, EE Mortgages has extended the services they offer. While they started out specialising in mortgages for first home buyers, they now assist with all residential mortgages, such as investment properties and land, as well as commercial loans. They also offer recommendations for related services such as conveyancers, financial advisors and accountants or real estate agents so you have everything you need in the one place.

Services Offered by EE Mortgage Broker

Eden Emerald Mortgages offers a comprehensive array of services catering to various financing needs, from first homebuyers to seasoned investors. Working with over 35 lenders, they ensure clients have access to a wide selection of mortgage products, and find tailored solutions for unique situations. Whether you have just changed jobs, are self-employed, or are retired, EE Mortgages will find the best way to obtain a mortgage for your needs. 

The experienced team at Eden Emerald Mortgages have a hands-on approach to guide clients through every step of the mortgage and property purchase process. They begin by assessing your borrowing capacity to determine how much you can afford, followed by explaining different mortgage products and helping you choose the one that best suits your financial goals.

Their services extend beyond just loan selection; they also negotiate the lowest possible interest rates on your behalf and facilitate the complex paperwork and documentation required. They can also connect you with a trusted conveyancer to ensure all legal aspects of your property transaction are handled properly. This comprehensive support structure is designed to make the mortgage process as straightforward, transparent, and stress-free as possible for every client.

With all this help, you may expect to pay a hefty fee, but the best part is that EE Mortgages' services are 100% free. There are no hidden fees, and no obligation to use their services even after talking with them on the phone.

My Personal Experience

I needed assistance with the purchase of an investment property, and I reached out to Eden Emerald Mortgages via their contact form. Within a few hours, I received a call from Shaun, and I could tell that he was extremely experienced from the way he spoke and answered my questions.

At our first meeting, Shaun was meticulous in his approach to understanding my financial situation and specific needs for a home loan. He was very approachable and patient as he explained each step of the loan application process, and was clear about what documentation I would be required to submit. I want to also commend the admin team at EE Mortgages, as they processed everything quickly, and responded promptly to all my emails.

When it came time to compare home loans, Shaun presented multiple options from various banks, and highlighted those that were most suitable for me. I had told Shaun beforehand that I had no need for an offset account as it is for an investment property, and therefore preferred a low-fee variable loan with no additional bells and whistles. After listening to Shaun's advice, I chose the home loan with the lowest fees and a very competitive interest rate. Throughout the process of comparing the loans, I felt that Shaun was solely focused on finding the best option for me, and was not biased towards any particular lender. I respect that, as some other mortgage brokers push you towards a certain bank that they have close ties to.

Thanks to Shaun’s thorough guidance and expertise, I felt confident and well-informed at every step of the way. I successfully secured a home loan with excellent terms, and EE Mortgages promises to also follow up on my loan each year post-settlement to ensure I'm still on the best rates. 

Advantages of Choosing EE Mortgages

Eden Emerald Mortgages offers significant advantages that set it apart from other mortgage brokers. Firstly, their extensive network of lender partnerships ensures that clients have access to a diverse range of mortgage products at competitive rates. This wide array of options means that Eden Emerald Mortgages can effectively serve almost every client, including those in challenging financial situations. This is evident by their impressive loan approval rate of almost 99%.

The team at Eden Emerald Mortgages is not only experienced but also highly efficient, which streamlines the entire mortgage application process. This efficiency makes acquiring a home loan quicker and simpler than attempting to navigate the process by yourself, or even working with other brokers. Their streamlined operations significantly reduce the stress and complexity associated with securing a mortgage.

Another major advantage of working with Eden Emerald Mortgages is the lack of fees. There are no upfront fees, ongoing fees, or any hidden costs, making their services accessible to everyone. They even provide 24/7 support, ensuring that clients can receive assistance and guidance at any time, with no obligation to commit to using their services. This level of support and transparency fosters trust and confidence among clients, making Eden Emerald Mortgages a preferred choice.

Industry Reputation and Accreditations

Eden Emerald Mortgages has won several industry awards, but perhaps their biggest achievement is being ranked as the #1 best mortgage broker in Sydney 2024 by the Canberra Times. Their team of mortgage brokers are all Approved Credit Advisors with the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia), and share decades of combined experience among them.

Since EE Mortgages was founded in 2007 they have assisted more than 1,000 Australians with their mortgage. Their total loans approved total more than half a billion dollars, and their approval rate is close to 99%!  

Cost and Fees

There are no fees involved when using Eden Emerald Mortgages, as they earn a commission from the lenders instead, making their services accessible to all Australians, even those on a tight budget.

You can contact them with your questions 24/7, and there is no fee or any obligation to use their services, so take advantage of their expertise and secure the best home loan for your needs.

Customer Reviews

Eden Emerald Mortgages has plenty of happy customers, which is shown by their perfect 5-star rating on Google reviews. Take a look at some of the reviews below, and if you have used EE Mortgages yourself, feel free to leave your own review.

Verified User Reviews

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Eden Emerald Mortgages is a great option for those who want a personalised experience from a friendly broker. EE Mortgages' is committed to exceptional customer service, and they offer customised solutions to each client, thanks to their partnership with 35+ lenders.

With a solid reputation in the industry, Eden Emerald Mortgages is well-equipped to help you secure your home loan, with the lowest interest rates and fees. Whether you are ready to get a mortgage today, or conducting initial research before you start house hunting, EE Mortgages can guide you and answer any questions you have, completely free of charge.

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